using the “Reference” field

I use this program pretty much all day every day in my work. One feature that I use a lot is the “Reference” field. In that field, I can place path information to quickly open a file path in Windows Explorer. I can place shortcut information to quickly open up programs. I can place file information, and use the field to quickly open up those files. And I can use it to hold a url so that the associated website can be quickly opened.

To populate this field with path or file information, all you have to do is drag and drop. Open Windows Explorer, choose the file or path you want to add to Redhaven Outline, and just drag it from Windows Explorer and drop it in the “Reference” field. If the field already has information, you will be asked if you want to replace it. Once there, pressing the “Reference” button (or pressing the shortcut “Alt+Spacebar”) will open up a path in Windows Explorer. If it is a file, it will try to open it up with the program that is associated with it.

Another nice feature I use a lot is this: If a path exists in a parent node, any sub-path of that path will be abbreviated when it is dropped into the “Reference” field. This holds true for files as well. Thus, the parent/child structure of the file system is reflected in the parent/child structure of the Redhaven Outline nodes.

Try it and see how it works. Drag and drop a path, create a few child nodes, and drag and drop some files from that path. Then you just need to select the right node, press “alt+spacebar” (or the “Reference” button) and the path or the file opens for you.

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